Current Weather Conditions for Yarrawarrah, New South Wales, Australia

Mon 06 Apr 2020 08:48:00 PM EST


34° 03.58' S, 151° 01.28' E, 152 meters

Current Conditions
Outside Temperature 16.5°C
Wind Chill 16.5°C
Heat Index 16.5°C
Dewpoint 13.6°C
Humidity 83%
Barometer 1019.9 hPa
Barometer Trend (3 hours) 2.0 hPa
Wind 2 km/h from 225° (SW)
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr
Inside Temperature 23.2°C


Since Midnight
High Temperature
Low Temperature
23.8°C at 02:12:09 PM
12.7°C at 06:16:52 AM
High Heat Index
Low Wind Chill
23.8°C at 02:12:09 PM
12.7°C at 06:16:52 AM
High Humidity
Low Humidity
86% at 07:39:03 PM
43% at 01:30:55 PM
High Dewpoint
Low Dewpoint
15.7°C at 04:07:27 PM
7.8°C at 12:18:16 AM
High Barometer
Low Barometer
1019.9 hPa at 08:46:03 PM
1014.3 hPa at 03:36:02 AM
Today's Rain 0.0 mm
High Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr at 12:00:04 AM
High Wind 26 km/h from 202° (SSW) at 01:56:53 PM
Average Wind 3 km/h
RMS Wind 4 km/h
Vector Average Speed
Vector Average Direction
3 km/h
232° (SW)
High Inside Temperature
Low Inside Temperature
26.8°C at 03:44:01 PM
20.5°C at 07:04:00 AM

BOM Radar Image:


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Current WeatherCam Image:

WeatherCam points north-west over Dobell Road Reserve towards Barden Ridge

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Zambretti Forecast:

The Zambreti forecast as at 06-Apr-2020 09:00 is Fine weather.

Weather Forecast:

No data for forecast DS

DS forecast
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About this weather station:

This station uses a Davis Vantage Pro2 (Model 6152) with WeatherLink 6510 USB Data Logger, controlled by 'weewx', running on a QNAP 459 Pro II NAS with a USB flash drive (backed up nightly) to reduce power usage.

Weather data updated every minute.

This weather station is a privately owned hobby project, weather data is provided as is, and may break or be under development at any time. Although on a UPS, uptime is not guaranteed. No liability accepted for any decisions made from data/information on this site. Rain radar image remains copyright of the Bureau of Meteorology.

See the Station and outlook.

These pages continually under development. The to do list:
- Incorporate forecast module
- Incorporate detailed almanac
- Incorporate CMON
- Incorporate real-time webcam image
- Incorporate daily timelapse webcam video
- Set up Google analytics
- Set up DNS name and Dynamic DNS
- Build 5 year graphs
- Migrate to Google Cloud Storage for Web Serving
- Incorporate pmon (seems to be broken on QNAP)
- Improve CMON monitored data and axes scaling

Weewx uptime: 67 days, 23 hours, 29 minutes
Server uptime: 67 days, 23 hours, 36 minutes
ISS Battery Status: 0 (0 indicates OK, 1 indicates NOK)
Console Battery Voltage: 4.6 V

  - weewx v3.8.2
  - forecast v3.3.2
  - cmon v0.16
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Today's Almanac

Start civil twilight: 05:46:11 AM
Sunrise: 06:11:42 AM
Transit: 11:58:19 AM
Sunset: 05:44:27 PM
End civil twilight: 06:09:56 PM
Azimuth: 249.2°
Altitude: -38.4°
Right ascension: 15.8°
Declination: 6.7°
Solstice: 21/06/20 07:43:46 AM
Equinox: 22/09/20 11:30:38 PM
Rise: 04:52:50 PM
Transit: 10:42:50 PM
Set: 03:29:15 AM
Azimuth: 37.7°
Altitude: 40.4°
Right ascension: 176.3°
Declination: 7.9°
Full moon: 08/04/20 12:35:03 PM
New moon: 23/04/20 12:25:49 PM
Phase: Waxing gibbous (96% full)

Current Statistics and Plots

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